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“Working with him was addictive.”

I have trained with many great teachers over the course of my career, but working with Michael Warner has been so eye opening for me. Just when I thought I was "done" with my training Michael came in and showed me I hadn't even scratched the surface. He took layers upon layers off of me and left me completely raw. Working with him was addictive and I can't wait to get back in the room with him to do it again.

— ANTONI POROWSKI, Queer Eye (Netflix), Blacklist (NBC)


“I feel so lucky to have met him.”

Michael has been the greatest teacher, friend, and mentor to me. Not only was he able to crack me open as an actor, his continuous advice and insight into the industry has fully prepared me for the future. He's a real working actor, with real industry contacts and real experience! I feel so lucky to have met him and look forward to continuing my training with him.

— REEMA SAMPAT, Orange is the New Black (Netflix), Shades of Blue (NBC), Jessica Jones (Netflix)


“I owe so much of my confidence as an actor and person to him.”

Michael Warner is the type of teacher and person that will let you finally see what was always there inside you. He pushes you in a way to where he strips away all the bullshit- in a kind, loving way- and will let you see the amazing actor you knew you could always be. I owe so much of my confidence as an actor and person to him. 

— GABI CAMPO, The Prom (Broadway)


“Michael Warner is a sage.”

Michael Warner is a sage. He identified my limitations and pushed my work to another level. His diligent but nurturing approach imbues the actor with a sense of confidence and possibility that I have yet to see anywhere else. Michael’s passion is infectious and his fervor for the craft is unparalleled. He understands the business today and doesn’t dwell on golden age success stories to motivate students.  Michael is truly one of a kind.

— STEVEN ANDERSON, Iron Fist (Netflix) 


"His advice and education in the field is invaluable!"

Michael's teaching has really been a magic weapon for all of my toughest auditions. With attention to text and detail, he brings his students' work to places of honesty, truth, and simplicity (not many teachers are able to do) in just a matter of minutes. Since Michael is also a (nonstop) working actor in television, film, and theatre, he knows all sides of the modern industry inside and out and his advice and education in the field is invaluable! Thank you Michael

— HUNTER HERDLICKA, A Little Night Music (Broadway), Man of La Mancha (Off-Broadway), Ragtime (Regional)

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“One of the best decisions of my life.”

I joined Michael's class at a time when I was unsure if I wanted to continue acting, but I can happily say that it was one of the best decisions of my life. Michael patiently taught me the Meisner technique in an organic way that made me feel like I was present in the moment, not "acting." He was always 100% honest in his feedback and was never afraid to tell me where I made mistakes, but he would always remind me of how far I've come, and push me to go further. 

In the year and a half that I've studied with Michael, I've grown light-years as a performer. His humor and his honest approach to teaching made our classes so rewarding. I can't recommend him enough.

— KABIR CHOPRA, Swiped To Death, Choker Bali (Off-Broadway)


“As an actor, I am truly blessed I found Michael.”

I have worked with Michael Warner as both a teacher and a private coach for over 3 years. I can honestly say that I have never studied under any acting teacher who was able to bring emotions out of me that I didn’t realize I could even access.

Michael’s depth of knowledge coupled with his gentle approach to accessing emotions and truthfulness is above anyone else that I have ever worked with. His methodology for working with actors of all levels brings about a truthfulness in emotion that adds depth to any character, large or small, that an actor is working on.

As an actor, I am truly blessed I found Michael Warner and been able to work with him and his amazing ability as both a teacher and coach.

— FRAN KRAVITZ, High School Lover (Lifetime)

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“I’ll never forget what you said to me in that free class… said, “can you just stand there and believe that you are enough?” I could cry.”

I went to an open class that Michael was teaching and he so instantly (and kindly) called me out on my shit I knew I had to work with him. He read me in a way that inspired me to be better, which is something I think a lot of teachers lack. Michael is also REAL. There is no bullshit, and no ego. He is a relatable human being  who with truth and love will show you your bad habits and hang ups and then ask you to push past them and beyond. I am so grateful to continue to get to work with such a talented actor and teacher.  

I just love you tons;) I’ll never forget what you said to me in that free class… said, “can you just stand there and believe that you are enough” I could cry. Its something I still struggle with on the daily.

— HOLLY HEISER, Fuerza Bruta (Off-Broadway)

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“I'd do anything to do it again.”

Working with Michael Warner has been life altering in the most wonderful of ways. Acting, as we all know, can come along with gruff and difficult times. However, Michael creates a space in which support, kindness, respect, and passion are instilled in each and every individual. Not only does he help guide your improvement in acting, but he also improves your overall respect of the craft and the people around you. Having taken class from this incredible man twice already, I'd do anything to do it again. I couldn't recommend him as your next professor/mentor/friend/supporter more.