Acting For The Camera w/ Lawrence Ballard


Acting For The Camera w/ Lawrence Ballard


Instructor: Lawrence Ballard
When: Wednesdays, starting September 18th - November 6th
Time: 6:30 PM -9:30 PM

On camera class with Lawrence Ballard

The class is designed to give the students a fundamental understanding of acting for the camera. From the audition to working on set. It exposes the student to watching themselves on screen and improves their ability to analyze their performance objectively and not focus solely on their image.  It also gives the actors something most lack in their early experiences: confidence. Students will be filmed in the class and then given the opportunity in class to get feed back and hone their own analysis of their work. 

Class 1- How angles, distance and lighting effect the actor and what they should know about the camera. A cold read and getting use to looking at yourself.

Class 2- The audition for a co-star or under five. Intro to breaking down a script for an audition.

Class 3- Work on a procedural. Understanding the tone of a production and what it means to audition for and work on an hour long cop/medical/political show.

Class 4- Work on a drama. Analyzing and committing to performing emotionally charged or romantically involved scenes. (no nudity or physical touching involved)

Class 5- Work on comedy. Understanding the different tones and the difference between the single camera comedy and multi camera sitcom. Work on timing and specificity required for good comedy.

Class 6- Self tape. How to create a good one and send it.

Class 7- The work of Sci-Fi and Fantasy.  The unexpected and how to rely on concentration and commitment to circumstances. 

Class 8- An audition for chemistry or final callback and consideration for a role. 

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